After a decade spent in Informational Technology, Dr. Scott decided he wanted to make a more personal impact in the lives of others. And so he spent another decade in the trenches of graduate school, earning a Masters of Sport Psychology (MA) in 2009 and a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) in 2014. Escaping the dreaded season of winter, he arrived in Orlando in 2016 and started the McComas CG Consulting Group in 2017.

    Dr. Scott has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane of his own volition, gone hiking in the Australian bush, and shared a stage with Ian McKellen for a few brief shining moments in high school. He is also a lifelong sports fan, nerd, and geek who has taken his love of superheroes and combined it with his passion for psychology. Though his workshops, individual coaching, and VIP experiences, he trains people to discover and consistently live in their best, highest selves - their superhero selves.


    Most people live in their secret identities. But everyone has an amazing spark within them that is waiting to be ignited. My mission is to empower people with the knowhow and expertise to have the freedom to be who they truly are, and to live a life of purpose, wellbeing, and success while doing good in the world.



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