The faster and more complicated the world gets, the more difficult it can be to rise to the challenges life offers. In order to help increase life satisfaction, overall wellness, and success achievement, Dr. Scott McComas has created the Foundational Skills Kit (FSK), a set of tools rooted in performance, reslilience, and health psychology focused on the following six areas:

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    To live a life of satisfaction, it's nice to have an idea of where you want to go. Unfortunately, most people only have a vague idea of that place. Say I want to end up in California. Great. But where in California? It's a huge state with a ton of different culture and diversity. Your experience in Los Angeles is going to be completely different from San Francisco. So being able to set clear, specific goals is extremely important and that's what this module is dedicated to. Giving you control over your goal setting process and framework for figuring out what you really want.


    Growth Mindset. It's more than just having a positive attitude. People who cultivate a Growth Mindset are dedicated to...well, growing. Skill development is key! Because if you keep growing, success will eventually chase you instead of the other way around. And from a wellness perspective, learning to approach life with a Growth Mindset helps build resilience to all of life's challenges!


    We can either be our own best friends or worst enemies. Usually the latter because 70% of our thinking is negative. Those negative thoughts and beliefs, which I call Shadow Thinking, can cause us to doubt ourselves and abilities. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Being able to identify that Shadow Thinking and consistently change it to something more productive in the moment can create extraordinary results in life. After all, that Shadow Thinking? It's just a story. So let's rewrite that story to something you want to be living!


    Motivation is the fuel that helps you reach your goals. The bigger the goal, the more motivation you want to have to see the job through. In this module, I give you tools to be able to create and sustain motivation. Because motivation is not willpower, it's whypower. So let's align your motivation with your purpose and values, which creates powerful internal motivation to help you live that life of satisfaction.


    We are constantly in relationship with one another. And every interaction has an emotional transaction. Sometimes you feel a little better. Sometimes a little worse. Hopefully more of the former than the latter. Being able to understand how you are communicating with others and the impact you're having is essential to well-being and life satisfaction. This includes understanding your emotional state and being able to regulate it in the moment, especially during conversations that have a large emotional component or significant consequences.


    77% of people report that they regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. 73% of people report they experience psychological symptoms caused by stress. That's a lot of stress! But stress isn't all bad. We need a certain amount to be our best, and to push us to grow. This module is all about learning tools to harness stress, and become more resilient to stress that has a negative impact in our lives.

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